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This is a page made to give you
an idea of the stuff I can do, and also a look at
the stuff I've done. I hope you enjoy what you can see here!

Don't be afraid to ask me onto any sort of project, by the way!

(You can DM me on Discord at @betah#2463, or at my Twitter @thebetah.)

I consider myself at least alright at sprite art, and it's also the thing
I do most, I believe. Here's an example of some stuff that I've sprited:


Impostors in Funkscop style.

Made for fun.. Nothing else. Seriously guys.


Guardian for Funkscop, which I also did a variety of other things for, such as..

Most of the icons, Mario and Luigi, Shadow Marvin, Dickhead and Dave's idle and left pose (the rest finished by Algo) in the Arrestation teaser, and the Awoglet and Seohlry's idle (the rest finished by Visploo) in the MFB teaser.

...And much more that you will see at a later point in time!


LOTS of stuff for my game. (which I am unsure will ever be finished.
However.. If you want to keep up with the development if it DOES happen, you can do so here!)


I suppose that's really all I have to show here for now, so,
I hope you liked what you saw!

Updated 4/11/23