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I've always been a sucker for everything '90s Nintendo, but what's always stuck out to me more than any of their other products from the time is, of course, the Nintendo 64.

The N64 lasted 7 years on the market and was deemed a commercial failure after selling a total of 33 million units, compared to Sony's Playstation, which sold 102 million units.

Despite it's failure, the Nintendo 64 had a library with dozens of classic games, still played by many to this very day.

My Thoughts on the N64

Probably my favorite retro console.

Not just for it's games, but for it's uniqueness
and how it stood out from the other consoles on the
market at the time.

There's also a certain charm about the promotional material surrounding it and it's games that I just can't get enogh of. Commercials, websites, renders, wacky promos, etc.

In all, I just think it's pretty neat.

My Memories With the Console

Obviously, I didn't grow up during the Nintendo 64 era. However, I still have many childhood memories with it.

I still vividly remember getting my first N64 and a copy of Super Mario 64 in the mail at age 7.

I now own about 3 or so N64s (including one GameStop accidentally sent me instead of a PS1), and have a pretty good (albeit small) collection of games.

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